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  • IRC GameBot  v.1.0A Java IRC bot, built with the PircBot framework, that can be used to host games created in Lua, ranging from simple word games to full-featured MUDs.
  • PJirc-Nuke  v.0.01pJirc-NUKE PHP-NUKE IRC module, embed a Java IRC clinet (pJirc) into your PHP-Nuke 7.x Site. Ties into phpnuke authentication system, asks for screen resolutions to set size of applet. Demo at ...
  • SJIRCD  v.0.0.1 AlphaSJIRCD is designed as a simple, accessible and handy IRC daemon, that allows you to have a conversations with your friends. SJIRCD as developed with the help of the java programming language and can run on multiple platforms.
  • JBouncer  v.1.0A Java IRC Proxy (or Bouncer) ...
  • IRC Stats Bot (JAVA / PHP / MySQL)  v.1.0JAVA / PHP / MYSQL IRC Stats Bot based on IRC JAVA BOT.Makes statistics for one or more channels on irc.Make many php page with the stats of channels and the stats of ...
  • Java Secure IRC Client  v.1.0Java Secure IRC Client, Crossplatform, Client-Side Encryption.
  • DAVIS - Dj's and Volker's IRC-Script  v.rcDAVIS is an easy and useful language for IRC bots. This project contains our own bots, some bots for demonstration, a parser that creates Java, C, Perl and IRC-Script code out of a DAVIS file, and an interpreter for DAVIS ...
  • MatchEd - HL / HL2 IRC Match Bot  v.1.8A Halflife / Halfelife 2 IRC match bot. Reports for various HL/HL2 game events. Also has Admin features. Simple to use with auto-setup. Written in Java so is suitable for many ...
  • The IRC Simulator  v.1.0The IRC Simulator project is a project which offers a simple IRC simulator in several object oriented languages, such as C++, C#, Java, Python and Ruby.
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